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Primary School
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In May 2016, the school will be celebrating 50yrs of existence. Ex-Nxubians are requested to contact the school to make this event the most memorable one

Reason to be proud!!!!                         Reason to be proud!!!!                 
Maths Lab donation read more One of our athletic boys went on to the nationals read more


Grade 7 National Natural Science winner Luntuluhle Ngwane read more

acting Principal

Mrs Xoliswa Jack


Team building 2012 click photo


Letter From The Principal

Nxuba Senior Primary School is a forward thinking, vibrant educational system that only exists to give the disadvantaged child an opportunity to develop the rich potential with the skills and knowledge that our society needs to enable it to prosper.

Despite the limited resources and the disadvantaged community our school is situated in, Nxuba is our wealth, our life and our dignity.

We have a highly committed and motivated team of educators who go beyond the call of duty to ensure education excellence is achieved. Our parents are very supportive and they play an active role in ensuring that our school grows from strength to strength.

Using this website you are invited to discover what it is that makes our school to be "nothing but the best". 



Aiming for excellence in providing quality education with a high sense of responsibility.


We do this by engaging in the following core values.

  • PUNCTUALITY - In Arriving at school and submission of work.

  • DEDICATION - Willingness to give and devote time and energy to the profession.

  • INTEGRITY - Quality of being honest with firmness of character and moral ideas.

  • INITIATIVE - Ability to see and do what needs to be done without being told.

  • SUPPORT - Render assistance that is encouraging to all.


We have 551 learners in the school with:

  •  * 176 learners in Grade 5,

  •  * 186 Learners in Grade 6, and

  •  * 189 learners in Grade 7

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