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  •  The school has been identified as a health promoting school.  We are involved in many projects for the upliftment of our school.  E.g. Indigenous Greening project, which has turned our environment into one thatís conducive to learning.

  • The Woolworths Trust Eduplant project.  Through this project we have a productive vegetable garden, which is of great help to the schools nutrition program.  We were extremely honored to be one of the finalists in the Woolworths Eduplants Competition in 2006.

  • We received 20 computers from the DoE and since 2009 we are an e-learning school.  One of the classrooms was converted into a computer lab. An armed response security system has been installed. Utilising the LTSM budget, we procured four computers and a server. Our aim is to have a computer in front of every learner. Since 2011 we are offering the FutureKids curriculum to our learners. Educators are also offered computer lessons once a week from this computer lab. We humbly request any good samaritan who can assist us in realising this aim.

  • The school introduced a beadwork project for parents with learners at the school who are unemployed. 5 parents benefit from this project by receiving an incentive to take home to their families. This skill is also transferred to the learners during the Arts & Culture period.

  • We have been identified as the best Focus school in the Cradock District in 2008. This award was as a result of hard work and dedication.

  • In 2009 through fundraising efforts and voluntary contributions we bought a Ford Bantam bakkie for the school. This vehicle makes the task of running school functions very easy.

  • In 2009 we were placed 1st position in the Provincial Teaching Awards. This Award was conferred to us by the honorable MEC for Education Mr Qwase. We represented the Eastern Cape in the National competition.

  • We are National winners of the National Teaching Awards in the category of Primary School Leadership. We were placed 2nd position, and this award was conferred to us by the President of the country Honorable Jacob Zuma and Minister of Education Angie Motshekga. Click for picture

  • We have a twinning project with a school in Sweden, most of our educators visit Sweden on an educational exchange program. In 2009 an amount of R5 000.00 was donated by our sister school in  Sweden and school shoes were bought for vulnerable learners. In 2011 we received two soccer kits for the school from Sweden.

  • We took the initiative to acquire two prefabricated classrooms from a defunct farm school to alleviate the problem of overcrowded classrooms. The costs to disassemble and reconstruct these prefabs were borne by the school as the department had no money to do so.

  • We have introduced swimming as a sport code though we donít have a swimming pool. We are making use of the local Municipality swimming pool.

  • We have Received a level 4 out of 5 rating from the Whole School Evaluation Process conducted by the Department of Education in 2011.

  • In 2012 the school have received a donation of a Maths Lab from NIIT.