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Nxuba Senior Primary School is a state school situated at Cradock in the Eastern Cape. It is named after the great Fish River. The school was established in 1966 when the schools from the old Location were disintegrated.  Then, the schools belonged to churches.  This was an Anglican School. Canon J.A. Calata played a pivotal role in the disintegration of schools in the old location. When people were moved to the new Township, Lingelihle Schools were managed by the School Boards.  Mr. J.K.N. Mbayise was the1st principal of Nxuba school with Mr. G. Myo as Head of Department. At the end of 1974 Mr. Mbayise was promoted into Inspectorate.



Mr. Myo took over as principal from the 1st of January 1975.  This position he held to his retirement on the 29 May 1990. He however requested for an

 extension of time to the end of 1990.


Mrs. G.T. Mahangu took over as Principal from the 1st January 1991.  The position of Head of Department was taken over my Mr. B.S. Kwezi.  The School

 registered an enrolment of 475 learners, 12 educators, a watchman and a factotum.  The old school had ten classrooms, an office, a staffroom and a store

 room which was later changed into the Clerk’s office in 1993 when Miss L.A. Matshisi was appointed.